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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Clothing Brands Beefin

Skateboard company Gold wheels just came out with this shirt getting at streetwear brand Acapulco Gold's LO LIFES series shirts. This was a str8 diss to the brand heavy as you can see they have the Polo bear shredded into pieces. I'm def not down with this. You just don't do that to the Polo Bear. Just had to post this.

By the way Super woman I didn't see that where did u see that at sounds interesting. But in the the world of fashion its so much copying and stealing of ideas its not even funny. its crazy. Lol

Sorry I tend to post things and forget to add the pix. Here we go though.



Cool Out Breed said...

I personaly like the idea of clothing brands beefing. It makes the whole game more competitive and interesting.

Super Woman said...

Find it here:

Or find it here:

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