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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Troyqua? Who they? Lol

What's good its ya boy Neh. Ok so I get a text this morning from my boy mo0. So someone hit him up talkin about stop posting photoshopped pictures of kicks. So these cats got a blog(which I won't mention even though they really need it) so I go on it and basically its trash really trash let's start with the basics. #1 they got 9 followers one of which was my boy Moo(see what happens when u try to show these new cats love) other than moo they had themselves listed as followers too, that made up for 3 more spots than it was like 2 other people. #2 imma just call them the team white tee cuz for some strange reason THEY ALL GOT ON WHITE T'S LIKE ITS COOL (KEEP IN MIND 2 OF THEM IS FEMALES)not to mention the whole blog all white like they was really going hard on this white thing like they reppin a gang lol. #3 THE BLOG IS LESS THAN 2 MONTHS OLD THEY AIN'T EVEN REACH THEY 2 MONTH ANNIV. #4 THEY GOT THE WORST WORK EITHIC I EVA SEEN IN LIKE 2 MONTHS THEY POST LIKE 23 TIMES, AND 95% WERE TRASH ABOUT NOTHIN, THE 5% THAT WERE WORTH LOOKING AT WERE ABOUT THE WOMENS STREETWEAR BRAND M.O.B. SHORTY SOME TYPE OF MOB FREAK OR LEAH STALKER IDK.LOL

So shorty has the nerve to post about us having the wrong info on a pair of kicks. Which she was right and that wasn't even the thing that made me madd it was how she went at it and tried to go in. First of all shorty get off Leah Joint dag its other female streetwear brands out Hell Bellz,dimepiece,Mama, and so many others. And I ain't ruin nothing I was miss informed its called a mistake real bloggers do that, but I guess becuz you post once a month you got plenty of time to check ya sources. If you feel our blog is so bad than why you stay on it. I neva seen ya blog till today, and lookin at the hits not many people have seen that trash. Than what really makes me made is u talk about things as if you know them. Lol shorty start talkin about JACKSON Pollock lmao what you know about art are you serious. Than she had the nerve to post him with other artist that aren't even in the same world as him lol Pollock's pieces go for more than most Piacso piece. I'm sorry I'm goin on and on shorty just really made me a lil angry. But the thing that really made me madd is they from Jersey don't knock our movement support it you feel me? We tryin to do something for Jersey. So for Trawny, Ajayo, and the rest of Team white Tee "WATCH YA MOUTH". And I'm sorry for anyone that I mentioned that ain't have nothing to do with it.

Shout outs to everyone that's shows up love its really to many to mention 1 day I will shout y'all all out though. Shout out to Markus troy dag man blogging ain't



ajayoknows said...

oh yes, apparently important enough for you to post about -- thank you, thank you.

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