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Monday, June 30, 2008


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The moment all us Jordan fans have been waiting for, one of the most sought after Jordans. 2001 was the last time it was retro'ed and to be honest I personally didn't think I would ever see these retro'ed again even though I had heard many rumors that it would be re released in the packages well it is offical the Jordan black cement 3 is offically being re released with the Jordan xx. I was afraid that they would mess up the design as they as done wit a couple of the other packages but it looks to me as they have kept it OG. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you MY HOLY GRAILS THE JORDAN BLACK CEMENT 3'S. YOUR ALL WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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stepping up....

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chris b..sportim ill nike blazer..slim fit bape tee..wit a da do0 i dig dude steez...he's tryin..worth da effort...m0s def a upgrade

- mo0

them dUdes....

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music/fashion ic0ns..kanye&pharell spotted at da Louis Vuitton MENSWEAR fashion sh0w...there fits are mos def ill..on sum lite effortless..jus rolled outta bed buh im still fly need those kicks ye...d0pe shade p

sh0uts out2 concreteloop
- mo0

Sunday, June 29, 2008


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dude is m0s def da nex big thing c0ming straight outta of da dmv(d.c., maryland,virgina) area. fr0m da dude style...fl0s...c0ncepts.. n he nigerian s0 u kno i g0tta fuck wit dude...pause..he's g0t dwn pack...he's been on da grind f0r a min n0w..buh wit dis mixtape it was m0s def a icebreaker int0 da music indusrty..
h0meboy came wit a bang wit dis one..s0 d0 me a fav0r a hit da link bel0w..its free 99..s0 no fees


What it is ppl... 1st 0ff i would lik to intr0duce ourself... 2 y0ung innovated dudes fr0m the intersting state 0f New Jersey with passi0ns f0r music&FAShi0n. Fr0m upscale..vintage da streetwear fits. We both came 2 da realiizati0n dat theres alot of trash blogs goin on da we thought y not cum up wit our own lil space n sh0w u 0ur views. Streetwear couture is basically here to update the ppl wit da latest& dopest dr0ps within da fashion world..mainly on da streetwear scene. Fr0m a d0pest kicks 2 c0p. wats in wats n0t , trends, fades, fr0m celebs, to da average joe. were basically here t0 hit up all dat. N0t only would we contain fashi0n, but als0 sum updates within da music scene. fr0m, punk, hip-h0p, jazz, country, we cuming fr0m all angles, hey we're pr0bably drop a lil sports for ya here n there(go celtics) overall S.C. is here2 basically give u what da ppl need. Quality blog material in which u can actually get sumthing out of, that'll benefit cha.