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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Sartorialist looks for the week

Ok here are two looks I got off the Sartorialist that I enjoyed. The first look I like due to the colors, the patterns, and the famous gloves out the chest pocket like a hanky. The colors are freakin beautiful it was a nice mix of bold colors the purple, blue, and pink. The plaid coat is amazing the color is def on. All in all I like the boldness of this look but its still classy and drawn in not to much.

The 2nd two men both did my favorite thing which is to dress the top up and dress the bottom down. The guy on the left really caught my attention I enjoyed his look his color splash, and his classic look. So the white collar blue shirt off the preppy tie and vest just did it for me. The fact that he added the tie clip shows he wanted to keep it dressy at the top but still edgy judging by the what he did with the shirt and tie because the styles seemed to somewhat clash in harmony. Than setting it off with the jacket tying it all together literally than finally giving the bottom a down look from the color of jeans and suade boots. I love it.



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