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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lil Girls with style

I was on the Sartorialist, and I came across this. I love the Sartorialist you always find real life people with creative style. Its the little things that matter most.

I love to see children with style or children whose parents dress them nicely. The first Little girl is dressed very cute her whole style from her hair to the little sweater over the dress with the creative leggings it was great I love it. Its playful girlie but at the same time its not to grown and not to out there. The second girl pulled off the Cali look perfect using less color and paying attention to detail the first thing I noticed is the way she wore her shirt the top button is buttoned. Also notice that she stayed away from bright noticeable colors she kept it simple that shows maturity in her style she didn't throw a "look at me outfit" on. The hat is perfect with her hair really looks good on her. Lastly she has half cabs on which is always ago most people would have put on some authentics on but she wore halfs, and if you look closely you'll see they aren't fresh out the box they have some wear and tear on them she def did her thing.



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