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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Out of Control

Ok speaking of MOB I just ran across this mess. Ok imma just come out and say it. I use to be in love with Supra for the last year and a half to 2 years. This year has recently caused Supra to become the most hyped sneaker of the year. Everyone from the thugs to the posers to the most hypebeasted of people known want them. I look at blogs and people think they are exclusive not understanding that its a general release sneaker its sold at just about every mall that has a zummies. After Lil Wayne (who everyone knows if he wears something it will be knocked off by every brand and bootlegger) wore them everyone and they mother suddenly knew what they were and wanted them. I know of 5 different company's who have taken the sneaker and put there logo on it here's the 6. Steve Madden not only did he copy Supra he took a little bit from the ladies at MOB. This is crazy. This guy needs to stop he knocks off the 5 hottest shoes and sneakers of every year. The crazy part about this Supra craze is I really like the look I'm sitting here writing this post looking at a floor full of supra's I own a lot of supra's. And this is in no way to take away from the NS collection from Supra and the TK editions because I really like both but this is outta control and I just felt I had to post it. I'm really debating if I want the NS and TK editions what am I to do lol.



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