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Saturday, January 31, 2009

lmaooo 50 started already..damn

50 made a lil cartoon video getting at ross..already...lmao..pretty funny i must say...damn im a lil scared for rick..plz dnt ja rule him

50 warning RoSS..smh,damn

50cent: "ima fu*k your life up...for fun"

Black Ninja lol

The Art of Sneaker Collecting..

Sneakerheads -- The Art of Sneaker Collecting from Edmond Stevens on Vimeo.

Obama Man (My Pops)

We are proud followers of Obama in my house. My pops is a huge supporter of Obama. This is just a couple of things from the archives. But he owns basically every paper and Mag that has come out with Obama on it. One day this will be worth maddd money. I wish I can show you everything but its not enough room and its just too much. But he has everything Clothes, belts, hats, skullys, pictures, papers, calenders, key chains etc. Lol.
Its def a crazy site to see.


LV Shoes

These are what Faith is wearing in the letter to Big video. Super high super retard(in a good way). Def somethin different what you think ladies AGO or a no? Comment on what you think I love to hear them.

Ps. Check out all the YSL joints in the background. The black patent
leather joints are sick.

Pix from Va$htie's page. Sorry babe had to do it. Luv ya


Friday, January 30, 2009

Griffey Max 1

Coming some time in April. for $140. mos definitely a cop.. Maybe with the matching fitted 2 lol.

source: nicekicks


Here's a new Nike SB name after the family guy characterQuagmire. I love the detail in the sneaker the suade ill. And the stars just do it for me. Id love to see how these sneaker will look wit some wear and tear. Can't wait to put them to the test rock em wore in and wore down.


School days..1.29.09

i sooo dont do kean univeristy partys because my school parties are los got us sum free tickets so we was like..heey y n0t..
mad ashell cop told us to take our hats off..we both needed a
sh0ut out2 my fellow swaggsters..they went


talk about a dope valentines day gift..smh..i need 2 win the lotto quick

sources: Kanye's Blog

This c0ver is siiick!!!

vibe march cover...kes kes looking hella likey..her m0ms
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

illmatic 0r reasonable doubt????


Reasonable Doubt

My homie L.eaddy asked me a very interesting and intriguing question not to long.."illmatic or reasonable doubt"..and i ask you guys the same..Who had the better first album...????take your time and think about it... those that know me know that I'm a huge fan of hip hop and just music itself, so i really had to take time and critic from track to track and i have come to the conclusion that nasty nas "illmatic" over reasonable doubt...jay-z fans get made at me if you that's my vote n I'm sticking with it.. i favor illmatic over reasonable for manyreason...production was siick we pete rock..large professor..q-tip..and about an all star cast of legends on the production side..and also the content in which nas was saying from who's world is love..NY state of mind.. someting in which everybody from a young boy..elderly.male,female could relate to...5 stars in my book..don't get me wrong hov is siick but when it comes to first albums illmatic takes the W...



Ight so I woke up this morning and I got a comment on the space from ones of my close people "Dominique" (Her style is so hard from the moment I met her I was like damn she a str8 murderer. Not to mention she beautiful) saying she was feelin the blog and I was on the right track, so because of her here you go ladies.

I present to you Melody Ehsanti. She makes some mean assh Jewelary. She's done Jewelary for just about every female artist I can think of Beyonce, Ciara, A Keys, Keri Hilson, Angela Simmons,Rihanna,Christina Millian, Erykah Badu, and like so many more just don't feel like naming them all. Now we will see everyone wearing her shoes but b4 the world realizes who she is SWC readers will know first. She releases them in March ill keep you posted on when they come out and give you a link to her site when they drop so you can order. Y'all def betta comment on these or imma be tight lol.

Rodley and D this for y'all OGM


Thursday, January 29, 2009


Damn Jay did my dude Dame dirty. I think I know what happend to the ROC now. Check Diddy out on his Andre 3000 ish.


B.I.G. crooks

"Look so good ill suck ya daddy"........ neva mind lol Moo I got the PAUSE of the day now!!!!!!!! Lol



No staple needed.

Ight so schools back in session and the worse thing to do is to work all night on a paper and get to class and not have a stapler and ya Pro be an Ash and tell you they not taking it unstapled. I had a Pro do that to me 1 year. So here's the solution.


L & D x DC Collab

This is the second installment of the L & D X DC collab ill lil high top very creative from the 2 company's again they use some noticable colors.I'm kinda diggin both I like the light color ones the best I think.



Def feeling the belt. Ayo Jean u see that bag. That ish freaky boy. Def a good look.


Egg Plants

Everyone looking to get a pair early hit my email. I no you want em. Lol



This is a plain yet freaky low top dunk that House of Hoops did def retarted but not to much. I'm def feelin it. House of Hoops is release hot sneaker for old movies. This is the "teen wolf" edition early this week we posted the "white man can't jump" edition.


Android homme

Freakin retarded I had these in my phone for a while very late about postin them. Andriod Homme.


Thanks Neh!

lol.. this video came to mind as soon as i seen that fitted lol.. ENJOY!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Homo

Lol Ayo Moo tell me the fitted don't go in hard!!!! AAAAYYYYEEEE. PAUSE. Lol Me, Loso, and Moo all need this one lol. My peoples at Goliath made this. They stay wit the heat.