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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ms.Hill performing overseas

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pix from this past friday at Raggamuffin Festival in Sydney, i see another L boog album coming..lets keep our fingers crossed..been over a decade since she release one def long over due


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was thinking of copping 1..hmm rather wait till nex yr summer will be here befrore you know it..homie shades ind a middle is killa
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B.o.B&Asher Roth=Cool Song

Pretty groovy tune by the boy B.o.b&Asher roth..production by kanye(lod beat from 05')this jam is off b.o.b mixtape which releasing feb 1st...hmm may just download why not

Saturday, January 30, 2010


This is the bonus track, Jump In The Air (Stay There), from Erykah Badu's Next Album: New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh / 3.30.2010 AD(Maybe.) Click HERE to Listen and Download. ENJOY

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Watch this...


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

She was doper...

just my personal opinion
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Supreme campout 08'...

Wow i really camped out just to purchase a fitted&tshirt i could of bought weeks later...smh damn i was a yea random dude told us to stand still and look straight ahead...took the pic 2weeks later my homie Will G. tagged me on facebk this joint..fisheye lens is hella fresh
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mos def on da beat by the way

CURREN$Y - BREAKFAST from Creative Control on Vimeo.


Soooo @aenjayy put me on this dj hero thing only played liek 4games and now im home beasting...wishing i had the actually all im seeing right now is the image below appearing in and out my vision..i may be game..cop if i you can

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Rich dress bummy and the Bummy dress rich...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mark calenders....

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(via..fav tumblr in da world)

Tunes For Thought!

Biggie Smalls - Sky's is the Limit ft 112

Bobby Caldwell - My Flame

Friday, January 22, 2010


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Curt@!n$ dropping knowledge on the industry...


I like his mindset...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

U know my Steez!!!!

Havent did 1 of these in a while apology's just been pretty lazy with this whole blogging thing recently..oppzy. Anywho this week for U.k.m.s we got a homie of mine, met her around June of last yr at the SWC x Syndicated boutique mic session. Been pretty chill since.She says she tryna be the Oprah of hiphop. When i peeped her twit that i kinda laughed..but then after like 5mins i realized she wasnt the type of person she is i know she will make this happen by anymeans ..(no gassing) shortie def got alot coming up(sidebar)I know u reading u betta put in that lil hiphop play thingy as a extra or something b if not yea im pretty much out of wrds...enough talkin and allow me to introduce u to
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Name: Latasha A. a.k.a L.A No Hollywood

Age: Young 22

Location: Brooklyn, N.Y. ( college bubble: Wesleyan Univeristy, C.T)

Freelance Writer and Interviewer for MADONLY.COM & Spoken Word Artist (The Writers Block Collective NYC)/ Urban Outfitters ( when I'm back in Corporate America)

Trends You Dislike: Girls: I don't know I can make anything work, just stop wearing Uggz and New School Jordans Boys: Monclers ( liked it in 2008)

Outfits/Shoes you regret purchasing: $20 Dress from Necessary Clothing (I should have known better)/ Space Jams (sold them the first week)

What or Who Inspires your style:
My mom in the 80's, M.I.A, Kanye West and my heart

Fav Sites: Kanye's Blog ( Live and Love Kanye), (nodickriding), Miss Behave, WorldStarHipHop for ignorant laughs, vigilant citizen and for some real shit.

What Next For You: Besides the million in one other projects I am working on, My pride and joy is my current production called The Memoirs of Hip Hop which is a full spoken word, dance, music and everything in between play about the Life of Hip Hop. If you love Hip Hop and wanna here it's story you should look out for it this summer in NYC! I am also working out becoming Hip Hop's Oprah by 2011. And its happening. Watch out now. Follow my addicktion to life on and lets play follow @ FIND ME, I'm Famous.
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With so much going on in the nation Haiti why is this footage being shown idk...i understand he helped out the boy but still i feel as though there showing the negative side of this country which i feel shouldnt be done at this point..its like kicking a horse while its down...this really isnt helping build it back to where it should be...i dont understand the media tick me off

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jerz Klan photo shoot!!!!

Im going to let the pictures speak for themselfs all im going to say is the shoot was awesome appreciations to Ms.Grace Poon, Jersey Klan brahs and B.L.V.D prod for making it possible


Saturday, January 16, 2010

So tell me where you from....

Recently did a lil shoot with Grace Poon&my homies...awesome experience free no pressure just basically cooling candid shots. Appreciations to the big homie jean for setting it a couple pics from the shoot more to come..enjoy
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Jersey Klan: Consist of any individuals within Jersey doing something positive, showing love ,if u going look down at someone its because you tryna bringing them up.Just really gd vibes no hating..thats basically what it has nothing to do with your style the way you dress its more of mindset if if ur doing something awesome thats benifiting yourself and others thats jersey klan..(sidebar)some ppl from jersey be scared to say there from jersey be scared to rep

Friday, January 15, 2010


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(via dopest tumblr in da world)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

When i first heard about this tragedy there were so many emotions that was running through my head..hurt..sadden and more...Just imagine if something of this nature were to occur here..what we we do..this could of happen any where..just be blessed and continue to keep the nation of Haiti in your prayers, and when you do get a chance check out the YELE site above gives you info on how you can help out by giiving donations and more.I recently read an article covering the Earthquake by my homie Johnathan Dixon. It really was enlighten and touched me read it below...check out more of his work at

"As I sit at my desk and browse through countless internet clips and news articles covering the horrific events currently taking place in Haiti, my mind is in limbo. I find it hard to concentrate on the repetitive mind numbing financial data analysis that is my job, without being overwhelmed by the rush of emotion I feel with each article. I came across a clip that showed a young woman trapped under a collapsed concrete building screaming in a deafening violent rage while being pulled at the neck by family members in an attempt to save her. Something about seeing human life so close to the brink of nothingness really struck a chord with me. As my eyes began to water I lifted them away from the screen and started to scan the rest of the office. The people in my immediate view path continued to work diligently on their spread sheets or presentations, completely mindless and un moved by the current events of emergency that were clogging the airwaves and televisions. And like anything else I do, I want to figure out why. How can we watch this footage and remain indifferent. Our enslavement to work, individuality, and materialism, leaves us unhealthily emotionally detached from anything that doesn't affect us directly. We need to understand that there is a oneness amongst all living humans that is vehemently ignored. Life is not a singular phenomenon. Life is a plural. Me, you, the thousands of people dying in Haiti all share, and are connected through life. We all inhale and exhale, worry, get excited, become sad, worry, cry, scream and so on. We share the "collective" human experience, so to go unmoved by this baffles me.

We saw the same behavior during hurricane Katrina spear headed by the lack of government action to extend help to those in suffering. When there is disaster that causes or adds a great deal to human death and suffering is cannot be ignored. Action has to be taken. I am not writing this to urge people to fly to Haiti and start scooping people out the gutter to safety because it isn't possible or realistic for a lot of us. I urge you to awaken and move toward a shift in consciousness. A lot of us uppity, spoiled, pretentious Americans have already written Haiti off in our minds as a suffering hell hole that they want no parts of. A place that breeds violence and evil. Sadly these "learned" emotions have been perpetuated through ignorance and fabrication igniting stereo-types and a morbid sense of indifference." The problem with stereo types is not that they are untrue, but they are incomplete." ©Anonymous. Learn your history. Haiti has a very rich history that the vast majority of us would never know about. The first step is getting informed and engendering your connectedness to the globe. I don't care how you feel about any group of people. To see human suffering for no reason" is beyond unsettling. Wyclef Jean a Haitian native has campaigned in America to raise awareness of political and social unrest that's plaguing the island. Imagine living in a place where the sun barely shines and the grass barely grows. Imagine waking up to a morbid cloud of hopelessness and complacency. Imagine this being your home. And imagine waking up one day, and it's being erased building by building, vibration by vibration, in front of your eyes like the shake of a 1980s etch-a- sketch.

Monday, January 11, 2010


"You got a dream you gotta protect it...ppl cant do something themselfs they wana tell you that you cant do want something go get it...PERIOD"
- Will Smith

watch vid..worth it, inspired me heavily

gd looks Temi

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Who is Lavish???

So i came across this guys music on myspace late 08' or early last yr..the tunes were pretty fresh but at the time thought nothing of it so i say a gd yr later i end up twitter from the last time i listened to his work dude grew musically, lyrically and if im not mistaking he's only head start fam..So i thought it would be cool for swc readers to get to know the young fellow..Time for a lil Q&A..chop chop
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.Name-LaVish @WhaddupLaVish (twitter)

.Age-I'm 16 years old, which is a suprise to a lot of people that hear my music

.Location-I'm from Los Angeles, California

Genre-I hate to put myself in one kind of category because I feel there's more genres I can tap in, but for now my lane is rap/hip hop music.

How long have u been rapping/writing for-I writing in the 5th grade, I was singing in the choir, then I started going through my dads old albums and kept listening to "Midnight Marauders" by A Tribe Called Quest and then I just started rapping, got big in 8th grade for rapping around school, 9th grade I started recording and it got me to where I am now

.Top artist doesnt have to be all rappers-Biggie, Erykah Badu, Jay-Z,

.How do u feel about the state of hiphop right now- I felt like hip hop was taking a turn for the worst awhile ago, but 2010 is gonna be a good one seeing how many good artists there are coming up and out. A lot are my peers but I still get inspired by them. People can't say "Hip Hop Is Dead" anymore, I never did feel that way, I think its going back to its going back to it roots and good music is making it way back.

.Inspiration-I'm inspired by life, everything I go through, things I see on the daily. Also my surroundings, from art to clothing to women, they all play an important role.

.Whats your take on the whole hipster rap movement
-The hipster trend is cool I guess, it's not me, so I wouldn't wanna be thrown in that category. To each is own, I really don't know how to define a hipster.

.Define your style-I would say cool, laid back, streetwear/designer stuff. I listen to all genres of music so I'm diverse. A lot of artists now just stick to one type of music, I can't box myself in one world. Different sounds are what help me create what I do.

.Any Up incoming projects we should be expecting
-"Hometown Hero" which is somewhat an album, all original music, looking to drop around Febuary/March, and then "Thanks, For Nothing".

Peep latest wrk from lavish of "hometown heros" project

Check out more wrk from the kid...
Summer Love-http://http//

Across The Room-

Thank You-

To you and yours....

Furious Styles & DJ Dub Present: Jay Electronica-Victory(music)
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i didnt listen to the yet...but i know it shall be life changing

Happy Bornday Rasaki!!! remember u when you was like about time moving hella fast..great to see u grow up as you did your on mind,focus and motivated stay postive son son...the westA movement keep it coming yo i see big thing in the future for you smooth&money..i could type for hours about this but im on that note Happy Bornday babebro finally
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Friday, January 8, 2010

Tunes For Thought!

Little Brother - Lovin' It

The Stylistics - One Night Affair


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Inner thoughts...

Cant wait till i cake up so much i could buy ugly sneakers like these for the hell of it...ha
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Cool Kids x Stalley x Ski Beatz=trillz

Straight free music..not like free in a money content but in a way in which but are free to say whateva like dats fresh 2 me...kind of remind me how the 90's use 2 be..say whateva but it still


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Karate Kid 2010


Rowdy piper flo...

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

"On To The Next One"

Ok Ok.. everyone has their opinion on this video. Saying Jay-Z's a devil worshiper, a mason (contradicting statement) and all types of other shit. Jay-Z's a smart man. To me this video is giving everyone what they have been asking for. CONTROVERSY! and you motherf******* are eating up *shrugs* nothing more about it. And how the chorus says something "like kill Jesus". First off the chorus is sampled from the song D.A.N.C.E by Justice and the person is saying "UN-DER THE SPOT"light and if you heard the song then it makes sense. Swiss just found a song that makes it sound like they are saying "ON TO THE NEXT" thats all. Ok, now to him being a MASON... it could be true. A little of what I know about Masonry, THEY DO NOT WORSHIP THE DEVIL. You can't become a Mason (you won't be accepted) if you don't have a faith in GOD. Also, ALL of the Presidents become Mason's before they enter office. OBAMA's a Mason. FOOD FOR THOUGHT!
Enjoy the Video!

Friday, January 1, 2010


*Moo how ya doing*
Hmmm homie im so fine
In the crib cooling jus think bout 09'
Had my highest highs
Had my lowest lows
Had a couple gigs...did a couple shows
Met a couple jawns but turned into hoes
Learn that everything that shine son is really not Gold

I say everything that shine son is reall not GOLD
(clearing throat)

when ya was rocking ya new Gear
Poppin bottles for New Years
I was churching with the fam i let off a few Tears
Hit 1 o clock wished i was sippin a few beers
Ya all braggin on twitter homie like who cares
U slipp up now they yellin out Boooooooo
As soon as u shining they screaming out Mooooooooo
So now im on my feet lik homie wat it do
Keep a tight circle shouts out 2 my crew

.Streetwearcouture fam
.Syndicated fam
.French Exit fam
.Jersey Street Klan
.Aso Clothing fam
.Westalifestyle fam

.Flthy Politics fam
.B.e.s.t fam

.Gmf fam
.Heart Gallery fam
.FanBase fam
.Complex fam
.Happy Endings fam
.Ninja Sonik

.My Nyc amigos
.Marcus Troy
.Krillz Krack
.Daniel Jospeph

.Twitter amigos
.Weirdoz Ownli
.Random facebook pokers

.My Tmobile Sidekick for overcoming all the teasing u had me dwn(we dnt care wat ppl say)
.Professor Yedes
.J dilla
.Mf Doom
.Flying Lotus
.Little dragon
Any body turing ideas into Reality
*God thank you for blessing me i pray you continue in 2010*