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Friday, February 13, 2009

Public School 593

Out in Jersey city they showing us MAJOR LOVE at the HOTTEST STEETWEAR STORE in our area. Even when we not their they reppin our movement. Yesterday they decided to wax the floor (mind you I promise every time you go in dere the store is different they make changes to it everyday) so while it was dryin they were out passin fliers reppin our movement and there movement. That's that Jersey love.

We passed by Public School to meet with the student body a week and a half ago they showed us massive love we got a interview coming from that and a lot of stuff coming up from Public School and Streetwear Couture. Be on the look out for the Tee shirts and Tote Bags for the ladies from SWC. Ayo but major love to PUBLIC SCHOOL SHOT OUT TO JAMES, MARK, KHA, JAMES SIS, AND ISAIAH THAT WASN'T THERE THAT DAY HE STILL REPPIN HEAVY. IF YOU IN JERSEY CITY STOP BY 593 JERSEY AVE IN JERSEY CITY YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED THEY HAVE SOME HEAT SOMETHING I PROMISE YOU NEVA SEEN. BUT LIKE I SAID WE GOT THE INTERVIEW COMIN REAL SOON. BUT STOP BY AND TELL THEM STREETWEAR COUTURE SENT YOU I PROMISE THEY WILL SHOW YOU LOVE RIGHT STUDENT BODY? LOL



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