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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kid CuDi !!!!!

performing new track (sky might fall) live..a lil 2min snippet

Ms.Shade Adu aka the next!!!!!

Gotta support and show luv to my bff since lik middle school.. Name: Shade Y. Adu
Nickname: Sha
Location: Irvington, NJ
School: Morgan State University Baltimore, MD
Major: History
Fav. Brands: Old Navy and Converse

Why did you become Miss Junior?
I wanted to be Miss Junior because I felt it was important to be role for the young women on Morgan's campus. I had to step up to the plate and show all women that they were fearfully and wonderfully made. Wish it! Dream it! Do it!

Why did you join your sorority?
I joined Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated because this organization was founded on the principles of education and service to the community. I also believe in the power of knowledge and community activism therefore Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated was the ONLY way for me.

What is up next in your Life?
Currently I am running to be Miss Morgan State University. I want to continue to impact the Morgan community through community service and social activism. Follow my Road to Miss Morgan at:

Streetwearcouture officially endosores Shade Adu for Miss Morgan State University. Good Luck you deserve it hun :)

Fu*king Posers!!!

Mr.weezy f...smh
dude stop posing
stunting as if u kno how 2
play bass guiater...fake ass
rock star..stick to autotune hiphop
stay in ur lane babyboy

A Diva she is!!!!

B covering ebony mag look beautiful as usual..
me likey

Thursday, February 26, 2009

U know my SteeZ!!!!!

Wats goody peoples this week of u.k.m.s we have my homie E...met dude over at supreme fall/winter camp out...we waited for about 10-12 hrs..smh never again..during the waiting of the store opening..i chopped it up with homie..happen to be a funny ass, had me dying...linked up on facebk been cool since..enough talking leme introduce ya to Edwin
(sidebar) ed u in there for the spring/summer release??holla at me
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
close up...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
back view(pause)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Name - E!

Age - 19

Location - NY / 516

Occupation - Full time student and 2x part time worker

Favorite Brands -Uniqlo, Nom De Guerre, Dior Homme, Ralph Lauren, Common Projects, w)taps, Supreme at times, Vans, Air Jordan, and the hood ass 3 for $10 blank tees that switch tags every month <3>

Favorite Sites- , , , , ,, , , , , , and of course...!

Trends I dislike -
"OD tight shit and flamboyant ass colors, no bueno"

One pair of sneakers I adore -
HUGE TIE between Black Gucci Moccasins (pictured), Common Project Nylon Training Boots in black, Common Projects Achilles Mid Black Patent Leather, Louis Vuitton Damier Elan Damier Canvas Sneaker Boots, Visvim fbt Ancestors in black, and my Air Jordan Bred 1s...

Describe my style in 1 word or 1 sentence
- Clean and simple...

Whats next for me - School and work ya dig? Oh and of course I'll be patiently awaiting for the ladies to hit me up on AIM @ EdThaDon lol

Proenza Schouler

These are so ill for ladies by Proenza Schouler.

I need a shorty I was in the Betsy Johnson store saturday lookin at a few things and I came to the conclusion I need a bad lil shorty so I can go shopping for her. I was looking at a few bags shoes dresses and some other things lol. And I'm looking and I'm like dag I wanna buy a bad lil joints some nice pieces. Nah mean like I wanna go out and get my joint the hottest new kicks throw her in some streetwear lil stussy and supreme, get my money up a lil bit throw her a new bag. But hey I'm single so I guess ill spend it on myself till I find one. SAD FACE

Shout out to Jean and Azja they be makin me all jealous and ish. Nah they really gotta beautiful relationship y'all keep it up make me wanna settle down lol.


More Jordan

I told yall 09 would be a crazy year for Jordan. This is from the next DMP pack called Air Jordan vs Raging bull. The other part of the pack isn't pictured yet it will be all black 3m with a black midsole. Ill keep you all posted with more details.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random i

i peeped dis on
cam is a funny dude!!!
promo pic for his tracks titled
"cookies&applejuice" off
up incoming album Crimepays
click link 2 listen
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Transformers Trailor!!!!

playing kid cudi's new single" sky is falling" produced by mr.west
movie is mos def a must see

Kanye vh1Soul unplugged on saturday

@ 9:00!!!
Ye perfroming Stronger..
shall be a great show from
the looks of it

The Sartorialist looks for the week

Ok here are two looks I got off the Sartorialist that I enjoyed. The first look I like due to the colors, the patterns, and the famous gloves out the chest pocket like a hanky. The colors are freakin beautiful it was a nice mix of bold colors the purple, blue, and pink. The plaid coat is amazing the color is def on. All in all I like the boldness of this look but its still classy and drawn in not to much.

The 2nd two men both did my favorite thing which is to dress the top up and dress the bottom down. The guy on the left really caught my attention I enjoyed his look his color splash, and his classic look. So the white collar blue shirt off the preppy tie and vest just did it for me. The fact that he added the tie clip shows he wanted to keep it dressy at the top but still edgy judging by the what he did with the shirt and tie because the styles seemed to somewhat clash in harmony. Than setting it off with the jacket tying it all together literally than finally giving the bottom a down look from the color of jeans and suade boots. I love it.


Shouts Out to Charles Hamilton!!

Last night, 106 showed him mad love and finally put his new joint 'Brooklyn Girl' on their countdown show.. but.. last month Sonic & Serious Jones... sorta went @ it @ this Hot 97 event @ SOBs.. IN CASED U MISSED IT LOL

Shouts out 2 Young Jizzo, Will Garnett and My Roommate, Ryan for the find!

New Max B

Ayo me and Mikey been on Max B since 05 maybe even 04. We been riding the wave b4 half these cats even knew who Max B was. So its only right I do it for the hood. New Boss Don at ya local mixtape spot def check that out go cop dat support my boy Max B. Oooowwwww. That Jim Jones era is so ova every song he say somethin about foreign cars and droppin a top. Lol listen to his music. Take away his add lips and and there ain't no song there. Jimmy boy you trash. Lol

Oooowwww ooooowwww oooooowwwww.


Out of Control

Ok speaking of MOB I just ran across this mess. Ok imma just come out and say it. I use to be in love with Supra for the last year and a half to 2 years. This year has recently caused Supra to become the most hyped sneaker of the year. Everyone from the thugs to the posers to the most hypebeasted of people known want them. I look at blogs and people think they are exclusive not understanding that its a general release sneaker its sold at just about every mall that has a zummies. After Lil Wayne (who everyone knows if he wears something it will be knocked off by every brand and bootlegger) wore them everyone and they mother suddenly knew what they were and wanted them. I know of 5 different company's who have taken the sneaker and put there logo on it here's the 6. Steve Madden not only did he copy Supra he took a little bit from the ladies at MOB. This is crazy. This guy needs to stop he knocks off the 5 hottest shoes and sneakers of every year. The crazy part about this Supra craze is I really like the look I'm sitting here writing this post looking at a floor full of supra's I own a lot of supra's. And this is in no way to take away from the NS collection from Supra and the TK editions because I really like both but this is outta control and I just felt I had to post it. I'm really debating if I want the NS and TK editions what am I to do lol.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Unoffical Jordan Gatorade VI's

These are a look at one of the most Rumored Jordans of the year. These pictures are UNOFFICAL(So don't hold me to it, this is what happens when u get early info unlike some MOB inspired blogs lol insider lemme stop I luv you ladies ova @ whateva that blogs name is)
But these are the Gatorade VI's which if they do come out in this color will go perfect with the Gucci Craze that's going on. These will be a instant sell out if they release in this color way I think people will be waitin outside like they use to back in the days b4 everyone became a sneaker collector. (in there own eyes that is lol) These were slated to release this month but most people are predicting a summer release. Ill keep you posted.



Dr. Romanelli never fails to bring heat his works are unlike anything out there. Taking classic, Historic, and priceless vintage pieces and giving them a new look. This time taking leather bubble vests and turning them into Letterman's Bubble Vests, who would have ever thought. These pieces were made for SOPHNET. Tokyo and they will only be sold there and at Isetan. I kinda wish he would Mass produce some of his clothes and jackets but than again i cant be madd it would take away from value.


Passion for FASHION!!!!!!!!!

Passion for Fashion

This week i'm going to give you a little something different from "You know my Steez". This is my version of "You know my Steez". This is from the mouths of those who have a Passion for Fashion a real true essence of what it is, those who live it everyday from walking to the store for a coffea to going to the night club I gotta say the young lady really lives the passion for fashion liestyle. I've known Tonisha for a couple months and sat back and watched her do her thing for sometime now and i must say i just love her style its so cutting edge but still classy. Its almost as though she takes it right to the edge but never takes it to far over and i love that about here. From her style to her beauty to her tats she really bring it all to the table. I constantly say not all women can be Diva's even though they think all are, but Tonisha is def the definition of a DIVA.

Name/occupation/ location?

"Tonisha Gregory, 22, OR Tech, Long island NY"

Describe you style give me a little incite on your style for those who don’t know you?

"My style is classic but still on with an edge. .I like to have fun with clothes and look great when I walk out the house. I just love dressing up!!!"
What inspires your style?

"Ummm lets see what inspires my style? I look forward to seeing every designer’s new collection each season, and I try to find a way to make it my own."

Who are some of the people you consider fashion icons?

"My style inspiration icons are a tie between Genevieve Jones, Rihanna, and also Kelis. All 3 gals are fashionable, iconic, and cool!"

What are your Favorite brands or designers?

"I don’t just have one favorite designer I have a couple lol! I love Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, YSL, Etro, Missoni, Milly, Givenchy, Phillip Lim, D.squared, Christopher Kane, Rodarte, Nina Ricci. .gosh. Everybodyyyy" :)

What stores do you shop in the most or enjoy shopping in?

"Umm my favorite store to shop in ? ahh I don’t think I have one I love shopping everywhere its sick! lol! I do a lot of online shopping, I don’t really like having the same stuff that everyone has " =/

What got you into fashion can you remember how it started?

"When I was about 14 I fell in love with fashion! I had just came over here from Guyana(yes I’m not American:)lol!) And I was shopping with my mommy for some new clothes and I came across this mag I can't remember the name but every page was like "OMG"! I wanted to look and buy stuff like the girls on the pages. .But my mom was not trying to hear it. ..So I had to look how she wanted me to. ..hehehe(it was bad)"
What are some trends or things you don’t like?

"I really can’t stand label whores. .lol I think everyone knows what that is!"

What are some fashion mags and sites you follow?"I love reading Vouge, Elle, Nylon, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour. .my Room is like stacked with these mag's all over:). And my favorite site to go on is Love it!"

I have followed your style for sometime now and what I noticed is that your always on point in all aspects from hair to nails to make up to your clothes and style even to your tats yes your tat game is something serious you have to show our viewers some of those. But how do you keep it consistent, timeless, and yet cutting edge?

"How do I keep it consistent, timeless, and yet cutting edge? Umm I think its due to me just loving fashion and getting dressed so much that I can't help myself."
What are some projects or things your doing with you life right now that you wish to share?

"Right now I have my hands full with my new job as an OR Tech.. .so I don't really have much time to do any projects right now. I dream of doing some styling one day it would be great! Really, it’s a very cool idea I hope to indulge in sometime in my lifetime."


And the rookie of the yr goes to....

A true artist..
Lil Wayne ghost
heard he produce on the low

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
hit da link:

Girls can dunk to!!!!

shortie gotta be like 6-9ish..looking kinda
but gotta give her props..dunking swagg is definitely ip to par

Marc Jacobs

Wow not much to say but eeeemmmmm well there isn't much to say at all. These are ok let's just say I'm at a loss for word ladies if u find any words to describe how fierce these are leave it in the comments. Marc your the best.


Monday, February 23, 2009

mo0 @ Rutger New Bruns Apollo nite!!!

tough crowd...some people got straight boooo'ed sandman showed me luv..appreciations


These are also releasing with the spring summer 09 line. I def want both decks I love the color. I think id skate the silver deck but hold the gold one ish is amazing oh and the release date is March 5th Moo gone be in line getting my ish like he did last season Moo tell em. Lol


Nike SBs - March 2009

Here's a Quick of the SBs set to release this coming March.. I could see a good three out of these four in my future ;)

source: KICKSonFIRE

Remored Release!!!*

Two INFAMOUS Js (XIIs) are "supposedly" going to drop this fall check em out for ur selves..

According to KICKSonFIRE :"Along with the Air Jordan 12 (XII) Retro - Black / Red that are scheduled to release this Fall, JB will also be releasing this white / red color scheme. For those of you that don’t know, they were originally rumored to be part of the Air Jordan 11 / Air Jordan 12 (XII) Countdown Pack and many fanatics were upset when they found out that it was untrue. But thankfully you can put those bad feelings aside as JB will make many sneaker heads happy by releasing them."

I Need another pair....

my moms thinks these are the ugliest shoes ever could careless ,there hella comfy,and affordable y not..these like uggs for

Minnetonka Leather Mocassin

Dude can get Jays in like any color..lucky guy!!!

Ray Allen sporting Jordan 11's in gold/white/green

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fresh Attire!!! 2.20.09

brothas from another..
smh i know i wasn't there..
pardon my absence lance&matt

Happy Bornday fam from the looks of
it lance didnt get to wasted..i proud of

Blooper Rap Battle..lmaooo!!!

idk y but i found this to be

Friday, February 20, 2009

Summer Joints

Here's a look at a couple joint droppin this summer. First u got the black Penny 1/2 cent, the air structure high top, last the Nike air trainers