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Thursday, February 26, 2009

U know my SteeZ!!!!!

Wats goody peoples this week of u.k.m.s we have my homie E...met dude over at supreme fall/winter camp out...we waited for about 10-12 hrs..smh never again..during the waiting of the store opening..i chopped it up with homie..happen to be a funny ass, had me dying...linked up on facebk been cool since..enough talking leme introduce ya to Edwin
(sidebar) ed u in there for the spring/summer release??holla at me
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Name - E!

Age - 19

Location - NY / 516

Occupation - Full time student and 2x part time worker

Favorite Brands -Uniqlo, Nom De Guerre, Dior Homme, Ralph Lauren, Common Projects, w)taps, Supreme at times, Vans, Air Jordan, and the hood ass 3 for $10 blank tees that switch tags every month <3>

Favorite Sites- , , , , ,, , , , , , and of course...!

Trends I dislike -
"OD tight shit and flamboyant ass colors, no bueno"

One pair of sneakers I adore -
HUGE TIE between Black Gucci Moccasins (pictured), Common Project Nylon Training Boots in black, Common Projects Achilles Mid Black Patent Leather, Louis Vuitton Damier Elan Damier Canvas Sneaker Boots, Visvim fbt Ancestors in black, and my Air Jordan Bred 1s...

Describe my style in 1 word or 1 sentence
- Clean and simple...

Whats next for me - School and work ya dig? Oh and of course I'll be patiently awaiting for the ladies to hit me up on AIM @ EdThaDon lol


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