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Sunday, May 31, 2009

2dope Saturdays in a row..yay..i guess

So i meet up in the city up with yanny and her lil cuz...i had 8bucks and a camera on were jus cooling Washington park, they were having a lil free hugs was hilarious to me for the simple fact that right next to the Hug givers was sum weird guy preaching his heart out about swine flu which kinda gave me 2nd thoughts about receiving a free hug from an complete we cooled out hit the usual spots..supreme,transit,blades, and made our way back 2 14th grab a bite at sum pizza while I'm downing these lil $1 slices yanny spot theo london across the being who i am i straight up crosses the street&introduce myself lik"i hit u up on twitter" creeper could i sound ask for a pic(no groupie)prettyy cool dude...on top of that i got awesome footage of this guy sporting fake air yeezys..Im like could my day get any better...?? and yes it we decide to hit up 33rd and end up seeing obama..yes BARACK OBAMA..LOL...MY RANDOM I KNOW..TALK ABOUT SECURITY..DUDE HAD LIKE 15SWAT CARS/ day was completely awesome..and i came hm with about 2dollars in vid of Fake air Yeezys

mo0 x Theophilus London


The Fake Air

Friday, May 29, 2009

Air Jordan Fusion 9 Premier Light Olive

Hot or not....? idk, i dig the original colorway these aren't to shabby..but i guess the readers think I'm reading there comments on these kicks
and its so funny how many ppl hate many ppl who will autoatically di*k ride them cuz there sum comments i peeped

1."What the fuck is going on with Jordan Brand!!!!!!! Nike is straight shiting on the brand right now"

2."sad…tired of good sneakers getting transformed into bullshyt"

3."another classic ruined….i got an idea …i say we stop trying to fuse shit and re release the shoes as they were…..FUCK"

what ya think about them???

Raekwon speaks his mind!!!!!

The chef speaking his mind on your favorite rappers
From Yezzy-Jimmy

Listen up dude spittin knowledge i like the way homie express his thoughts,his wrd selection is

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Why must rappers (well some rappers) feel the need to bragg&show off what they makes u feel beter huh..?? this video in particular is hilarious, has a stack of 100s jus talking his sh* the money is really..daamn can i get atleats just one of them..plz watch

y0 Jay gd looking "shap0w"

Gotta Love the Pause Police!

For Sh!* like this... lol
MVP (Most Valuable Purse)


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Big Boi Caught

wearing Fakes.. Smh.. He tells CNN that he doesnt by his own sneakers but he has companies send them to him... What you guys think?


True Blue!

Add this to the my wish list... Set to drop some time this summer.. NO other explanations needed!! jus feast ur eyes on this beautiful pair of 3s!

Stay tuned for more info!

I'mmm BACK!!!

Hey Guys, Its Dex.. been a lil MIA... but Im currently Laptopless and Im "stuck" on campus with no resources... smh... Hey I'm getting paid... lol.. But Im back... I'll try my best to post as much as i can.. but it feels good to be back... Grades this semester lookin iight.. bout to take summer classes.. continue drawing again... trying to get the yezzys... (please hit me up if u guys got any connects lol) and look @ this blackberry bold... this summer should be great.. Shout outs to the SWC team.. for holdin down the fort... sorry Sam.. lol.. follow me on twitter: swcdex..

Happy Blogging!

ShIt Is MeSsEd Up!!!!!

The 4-year-old daughter of boxing legend Mike Tyson died Tuesday, a day after she was injured in a treadmill accident with her neck on ... a cable at her home.

Congrats Babyboy!!!

lil cuzin/brother Jeffery just graduated from hi school..on his way to William Patterson this proud of u son realtalk,keep your head on straight..and YES we mos def hittin up the city this summer when my feddi looking


"Get up get out & get something"

think it...

say it.........

DO IT..............

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Award Tour!!!!

Shouts out to the Award Tour fam..for putting together an awesome summer line-up..always dope2see a young dude doing something positive making moves..shouts 2 my homies Martin&Jason who were featured in the summer look-book..i c u jay getting your tyson beckford

Check out for the rest of summer lookbook pix...

Toys R Us???

Kanye..Curt@!n$..Pusha T...Cudi...Ibn..
politicing about the yeezys&lv kicks..

Curtains: "1200 though" kno b i feel ur pain


This gotta be the biggest no Homo i witnessed in 09...

so homo that i was hesitate to post it..smh..this wild offense to my homosexual readers)buh why would u do this 2 urself fam

Monday, May 25, 2009

Shouts2Matty Mcfly!!!

Yooo i mos def uploaded facebk album of dis guy cookout wit out a damn pic of him in b fam....this is the only dj i know that will Wu-tang/D-mack/swing that sh*t and and catch the beat all at the same waduuup!!!!


Damn these are pretty though..oh yea these are Terry Kennedy signature line from Skateboy P's icecream brand to Supra..hmm y not i kno that check looking reaal pause prob wasn't needed but chunky sounded alil boarder

Red Joints are straight fever...

SaturdaY was pretty d0pe..

S0 im just realizing how dope my saturday was..first off the day started off with me ova @ 97.5 helping my homie dj dozen do his lil radio gig thing thing..nex was my Homies of GMF having a pretty dope cookout..Music..Drinks& beautiful woman cant ask for anything else..then to top if of right after the cookout me& my dudes hit up this random ass hotel party on ass gay chick chick i eva met yo...then unfortunalt i woke up on Sunday with a mean ass hangova...gotta luv it..
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Interview coming soon...

Owners of Syndicated Boutique located in union nj ,cool ass dudes showed hella luv


here are sum pix from Happy Endings this past Wednesday..if u missed out,no worries its every weds..hit me up if u tryna roll..i need a

To see all the pics hit up like my new fav photographer

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tuuuune in!!!!!!!

Its 5:05pm on saturday(5.23.09) and me&my dude ej currently @ 97.5 eliteradio station supporting my homie Dj a 4-7pm slot..playing sum real live hiphop ish..from djing @ babyshowers now u on the radio a long waay .this a start of something real on the look out..matter fact tune



He is so Jordan like????

...some people don't understand what Jordan had done for the lead of the NBA...He mADE HIMSELF A BRAND,KICKS CAME OUT B4 I WAS BORN AND I WALK AROUND THE STREETS WITH THME IN TODAYS DAY&AGE AND STILL GET HELLA LOOKS..THE MAN IS enough D*ck point is so many people are saying LEBORN JAMES IS BETTER THAN JORDAN OFF OF ONE BUZZER BEATER SHOT..VIEW VIDS AND SEE JORDANS TOP 10 BUZZER WINING BUCKETS..HE IS THE ORIGINATOR,HE IS prob od'ed alil with that but hey the moment was right y
Leborn buzzer winning shot against magic

Jordan top 10 buzzer winning shots(da originator)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kanye West-Paranoid(official video)

i got the vid b4 bet or looks livesteez

(Well not official..but close off this is footage from Rihanna's def jam event earlier this week celebrating 12million records sold since on the they premiered kanyes video which was only right since she basically stared in it...smh..idk yo..all honesty I'm a lil upset from the vid.. i expected much more..being that this was one of my fav tracks from 808's i personally wanted the vid to b like come ooon man..when is it going to get im keeping it 100&thats how im feeling right about now,im guessing it may just have to grow on me,but if you think about it the song lyrics kinda go perfect with riri and her situation in which she went through this past yr with chris breezy&leak I'm guessing it cool..enjoy -mo0

(sidebar)shortie is bad it me are is she looking better after Breezy snuffed off..

Who tryna go hit a Drake show up???

its on the 26th..21&older...holla at me asap
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What a beauty........

shortie ribs still prob baad though
dope flick..

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
gd looks femi

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Endings Bash every Wednesday!!!!

A.l.i.e.n crew bash up @ Happy endings in nyc was a getting gro0vy 2 d0pe was all luv ..nobdy worrying about what he are she got on..everybdy just having a dope ass time..gotta love it...if u tight u missed worrys..its every weds (sidebar)the song we got on the pg now was a joint they played lastnite..when the dj turn it up..the place was a seriously..people went wild..shouts out to my brothern L.eaddy&Avi..only dudes from jerz in the building.

Japanese Dancehall????

Puuuull up!!!
lol..yoo i was so amazed when i viewed this. Just amazed at the fact how other cultures influence each other ,from, the way we talk,dress,eat, but in this case was kinda weird to japs going hard dancing to sum reggae very interesting all at the same time, this basically displayed how powerful&influential music is within this place we call earth... peep the vid..




Tuesday, May 19, 2009


so I'm on jermaine dupri blog..and i peep this quote he posted by the late great johnny cash..pretty dope....thought I'll throw on here for ya...

You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don’t try to forget the mistakes, but you don’t dwell on it. You don’t let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space.”
-Johnny Cash

DReam is BacK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yessir..shall be an awesome nite..presented by the guys at Dream team

May 21st...and oh yes joe budden girl with dooonkey shall be in the building...groupie luv i will be displaying heavily for

on this special occasion my big brah jean shall be celebrating his born day..o yess Ogm in the building

Busta Albums drops 2day!!!!!!