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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Unoffical Jordan Gatorade VI's

These are a look at one of the most Rumored Jordans of the year. These pictures are UNOFFICAL(So don't hold me to it, this is what happens when u get early info unlike some MOB inspired blogs lol insider lemme stop I luv you ladies ova @ whateva that blogs name is)
But these are the Gatorade VI's which if they do come out in this color will go perfect with the Gucci Craze that's going on. These will be a instant sell out if they release in this color way I think people will be waitin outside like they use to back in the days b4 everyone became a sneaker collector. (in there own eyes that is lol) These were slated to release this month but most people are predicting a summer release. Ill keep you posted.



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