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Saturday, February 14, 2009

LV x Kanye/ NIKE x Kanye pricing

Ok so rumor has it that the pricing on Kanye's kicks are as followed. For the Nike Air Yeezys they are set to be between $250 -$300. For the Lv Kanye collab they are set to run $600-$800. So actually my calculations for Yeezys were pretty much dead on. The price for the Lv's doesn't seem bad as I thought at all being that a regular pair of kicks out of Lv usually run around $585. Now the hard part is getting them even if you do have the cash. But if you do want them lemme know I def can find them when they release. Oh and please don't try to cop them early on ebay you'll be rockin fakes, and you really don't wanna take that route its def not cool. You see what happened to Fat Joe's boy something like that can ruin ya sneaker rep. Lol



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