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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

9.28.09..Location:Fat Baby,nyc

The nite was suppose to be a chillout jam wit the homies jean&eaddy up @ FatBaby in nyc..i was def wrng about that though...teen wolf& dj school boy on the 1s&2s/Performancse by local artist/Ninja Sonik you know they was mosh homie Eaddy pulled me into it.. Jean staright played the background observing the London appears out of know where and performs...overall dope nite..only thing i payed for was my metro card,free event..(Sidebar)pics taken from the homie Dwayne Caprietta album..i straight copied save these joints..appreciations homie

1 of my fav rappers out!!!!

Curren$ mixtape coming soon "hot spitta"

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Artist of the Week!!!!

Q&A with Casey VeggiesImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Never heard of the name..? well get use to hearing it..this young boy if definitely a force to be reckoned with. I say prob 2yrs back i peep homies myspace music pg..very talented so i download his mixtape Customized greatly vol 1..awesome..i was definetly bumping it on a daily in my ipod..and the crazy thing about it..dude was about 14-15 when it dropped. So I'm the type of individual if i see someone doing something dope/great i shall show respect where its due. So i reached out to the boy Casey on the wonderful twitter and appreciation for the response. (sidebar) its amazing at the power in which the internet dis dude is on the other side of the country and i was able to hear his stuff..idk thats really awesome to travels miles..random i anywaaays i thought itll be gd to do a lil Q&A so you guys could get to know more aboutCali native
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Casey Veggies


Inglewood, CA

Rap/Hip-Hop/ Customized Greatly Music

How long have u been rapping/writing for...
2 in a half years, but it's been in my mind since I was a little kid

Top 5 artist doesnt have to b all rappers...
Kanye West, Nas, Biggie, Jay-Z, Maxwell

How do u feel about the state of hiphop is now...
the state of it is growing. everyone just has to be patient and things will be back up to par. I wish it like the old days. But I feel the new talent can make it what it use to be.

I'm inspired by everyday life and real life situations.. I'm also inspired by old school hip hop.. the People who originated the craft

J dilla beat or Mf Doom beat....
J Dilla

Define ur style...
I feel I'm more neutral than anything.. theres no category for me. I can definitely switch it up. I have a lot in store.. My style is just finally something different.

Up in coming projects..

My 2nd tape 'Customized Greatly V.2' should be out within the weeks. A Video for a joint off the tape entitled "It's All Good" and Just a heavy grind. Definitely working on the next project after the tape drops But that's private information, haha
(Customized Greatly Vol.2.take a listen matter fact download it)

"Its all Good" off Customized vol2

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fly Talk!!!!

Happy Belated to my homie tone...heard u was bodied to fam..just finish looking through the pics..hahaha gd to see u enjoyed in there for your
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Throwback Saturday?!

So i was suppose to put up a throwbac thursday 3 days ago, but didnt know what to hit u guys wit.... then the other day i was listening to the radio.. and I heard one of the most beautiful songs i ever heard... and hit me and now im sharing that sample with u... im going to give u the sample first and the song afterwards... "U appreciate Hip Hop more when u know and understand where it comes from" - Dex
Spirit - Frederic Mercier

What We Talking About - Jay-Z


Quick Question....

Is Cudi album really that dope...??

is he really a good rapper/singer..i ask myself this not in a hating manner but just trying to find the true logic to it the first time i heard cudis album i was excited so i really wasnt listening i was hyped&geeked up that the excitment made every single song sound like heaven..but then about a couple days ago im listening through it again and i just lost that feeling...idk why..So i asked around asking ppl what were they thoughts about it..majority said "Dope" "omg son its a classic" but the response that stood out to me the most and im not going to say his name b4 he gets jumped by a bunch hipster cudi but he said "Cudi cant rap or Sing just good production" i honestly think his album is well put together but just in my opinon its mood music..You have to be in a certain mood or mindset to enjoy it to its full potential some what like how 808s&Heartbreak is..this is just my personal opinon..Its a great piece of art but mos def not something in which i can personally bump on the daily excluding the intro "track 1. in my dreams" i wake up to that on a daily.. Dont get me wrong cudi is an awesome not trying to take anything way fromt hat but thats just how i feel at this point about this album..hey prob next month ill think differently..or itll prob grow on me..
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So i first peeped skype on got this laptop..downloaded it..and umm its pretty cool..i never really had a webcam b4 so im pretty geeked at the fact u can actually talk see visuals without physically being dnt kno..i guess i just get impressed easily..but anywhooo mos def invest in a skype..dope for long distance relationship..or fam out of state or even out of the country
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skype name: yomoo88


Be you...
Be yourself...

Cudi def dropping gems in this vid...explaining how hip-hop is one of the most judgmental genres...success isn't based on ones talent anymore its more like what u have on or if your following the latest trend..compared to rock u could straight up have a plain tee..ripped jeans and if ur good ppl will accept you..just6 watch the vid he gets way more in depth.

Shouts out to Brandon Jones for this..KU fam

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


One day i will live in a house like this. (Dont Hurt 2 Dream). Unbelievable House.


Now i dont know that much bout Eva Simons, but she seem pretty dope & I like her swag. The are crazy 2 lol.

The Hundreds Sunglasses

LA’s own The Hundreds have debut their own Eyeware line with the introduction of The Phoenix sunglasses.

In Case U Didn't know! - Major Jordan Releases

There has been going down in world of Jordan Brand... A lot of things coming thru the end of the year and next.. Heres the most anticipated 4 for the end of the year and there releases dates... and one out of those 4 u didnt see coming!?

Air Jordan 12 Retro “Rising Sun” - 10/24/09

Air Jordan 12 Retro “Flu Game” - 11/27/09

Air Jordan 12 Retro White/Red - 12/19/09

Air Jordan 11 Retro “Space Jam” 12/23/09
Ready for the holidays?!
Thanx Nicekicks

Somthing 4 the Ladies!!!!

INSA Heels are back with more individual heels to please women who wants more than just the average heels. Insa Heels is a joint venture by London based artist INSA and shoe designer Ruth Shaw in which they have gone against the mass production footwear industry with their own take on luxury footwear.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Back in the day when i was young....

Around 7th grade (2000)me&moms hit up shore hills n she copped me the 11 space jams..i was beyond almost a decade later Jordan decides to release once more and i must of stry..dropping November..shall be on my feet during Thanksgiving dinner dropping in December..shall be on my feet during Christmas dinner

Damn i demolished them...

Milking Mr.West for all he's worth..smh

Gold digger Edition
So im hearing shes dropping a new fragnace...

damn shes dope..

Lmaoo of the day!!!.

This man is hilarious!!!

Case-mate I.D. iPhone Case

Designer of high-performing digital accessories, case-mate, announces the launch of their I.D. case for the iPhone 3G / 3 GS, breaking new ground for the mobile lifestyle.

This Is Fucked Up!!!

Father In Newark, New Jersey Tries To Hide Cocaine In His Son's Jacket & Told His Boy It Was Candy! (Son Passes It Around In School)

This hurts cuz im in newark. This shit gotta stop.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Air Jordan VI x Nike Air Yeezy Doernbecher

Mayweather Is Back

Floyd Mayweather Jr. showed no rust as he killed Juan Manuel Marquez and won by decision.
He has 2 fight Pacquiao

G-Shock Collaborations.