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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Passion for FASHION!!!!!!!!!

Passion for Fashion

This week i'm going to give you a little something different from "You know my Steez". This is my version of "You know my Steez". This is from the mouths of those who have a Passion for Fashion a real true essence of what it is, those who live it everyday from walking to the store for a coffea to going to the night club I gotta say the young lady really lives the passion for fashion liestyle. I've known Tonisha for a couple months and sat back and watched her do her thing for sometime now and i must say i just love her style its so cutting edge but still classy. Its almost as though she takes it right to the edge but never takes it to far over and i love that about here. From her style to her beauty to her tats she really bring it all to the table. I constantly say not all women can be Diva's even though they think all are, but Tonisha is def the definition of a DIVA.

Name/occupation/ location?

"Tonisha Gregory, 22, OR Tech, Long island NY"

Describe you style give me a little incite on your style for those who don’t know you?

"My style is classic but still on with an edge. .I like to have fun with clothes and look great when I walk out the house. I just love dressing up!!!"
What inspires your style?

"Ummm lets see what inspires my style? I look forward to seeing every designer’s new collection each season, and I try to find a way to make it my own."

Who are some of the people you consider fashion icons?

"My style inspiration icons are a tie between Genevieve Jones, Rihanna, and also Kelis. All 3 gals are fashionable, iconic, and cool!"

What are your Favorite brands or designers?

"I don’t just have one favorite designer I have a couple lol! I love Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, YSL, Etro, Missoni, Milly, Givenchy, Phillip Lim, D.squared, Christopher Kane, Rodarte, Nina Ricci. .gosh. Everybodyyyy" :)

What stores do you shop in the most or enjoy shopping in?

"Umm my favorite store to shop in ? ahh I don’t think I have one I love shopping everywhere its sick! lol! I do a lot of online shopping, I don’t really like having the same stuff that everyone has " =/

What got you into fashion can you remember how it started?

"When I was about 14 I fell in love with fashion! I had just came over here from Guyana(yes I’m not American:)lol!) And I was shopping with my mommy for some new clothes and I came across this mag I can't remember the name but every page was like "OMG"! I wanted to look and buy stuff like the girls on the pages. .But my mom was not trying to hear it. ..So I had to look how she wanted me to. ..hehehe(it was bad)"
What are some trends or things you don’t like?

"I really can’t stand label whores. .lol I think everyone knows what that is!"

What are some fashion mags and sites you follow?"I love reading Vouge, Elle, Nylon, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour. .my Room is like stacked with these mag's all over:). And my favorite site to go on is Love it!"

I have followed your style for sometime now and what I noticed is that your always on point in all aspects from hair to nails to make up to your clothes and style even to your tats yes your tat game is something serious you have to show our viewers some of those. But how do you keep it consistent, timeless, and yet cutting edge?

"How do I keep it consistent, timeless, and yet cutting edge? Umm I think its due to me just loving fashion and getting dressed so much that I can't help myself."
What are some projects or things your doing with you life right now that you wish to share?

"Right now I have my hands full with my new job as an OR Tech.. .so I don't really have much time to do any projects right now. I dream of doing some styling one day it would be great! Really, it’s a very cool idea I hope to indulge in sometime in my lifetime."



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