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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Diet Butchers

Ight so last night many of you we watching the Grammys and saw lil Wayne and got hype and started wondering what he had on his feet yet few of you new what they were well my name is Neh and here's why I'm one of the illest bloggers out. (No disrespect to the rest I'm just feeling myself lemme live I was feeling down earlier this week.) Ight mind u I didn't want now one sec of the awards all I saw was one pic of the top part of the shoe and knew what they were. Lol. Anyway these been out for a while its just a new color way. They had a ill pair out last year that diesel madd a cop off. These are ill they are Diet Butchers you heard it first. Ight your all welcome ungreatful......... anyway the other pic is of chris brown wearing the blue ones.



Anonymous said...

were can i get a pair of these

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