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Saturday, February 7, 2009

G1 Freak

Ight so anyone that knows me or has been around me will know I'm in freaking Love with my Tmobile G1. I do every post from my G1. Since I started posting I haven't posted on a computer since September 08. I just love this phone I can do everything from here I literally sit on this ish all day like a laptop. Surfing the net listening to music watching video's blogging myspacing facebook texting shopping. I mean I do it all from this ish. Ight so the other day I'm in the market place looking for new apps. So I happen to run into a site called Pause its not no freak site its like myspace or Gspace lol. Its crazy madd people with g1's madd people from NY and Jersey ish crazy. I met people right from my hood I ain't even know. Anyway its just a ill site for G1 users to chill and chat. I guess u can say its my new addiction I met madd people on it since like 2 days ago. If you got a G1 check it out fellas its madd women lol. Nah but besides that its hella fun. Shout out to everyone from G1Frks
M1ss Freak
Track star
And Lynette ay girl lol



OGM said...

shout outs 2 the SPRINT TOUCH PRO(HTC) OWW!

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