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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dem Boots!!!!!!!!!

Wow these are sick. Can anyone tell me who her stylist is because who ever they are they are killin the game. But ladies beware not everyone can pull this off, but she def has done it.

Rodley this one def for you. I know how you feel about Rihanna. SW√ČAY crew y'all feelin these? I think y'all can pull this off. Lol



Eighty4 said...

oh shit,i think i just came
i love them

Neh said...

Aaayyyyeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

NechSweay said...

NEH ! Those boots are def hot ish...I think Sweay..matter fact I know we could pull these boots off..Thanks NEH

Shawty. said...

Mariel Haenn

---is her stylist.

Neh said...

Shawty. Thank you for that the retarted thing is I was just on Haenn site 2 days ago and didn't realize she was the stylist for Rihanna. She's not only dressin Rihanna she dress everyone. I'm lovin her right now.

r0dz[OGM] said...

thankz neh....
dem boots got me feeling sum way..

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