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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

$122,000 Diamond Encrusted Hermes Bag

Victoria Beckham was spotted wearing a 1 of 3 Hermes Birkin Himalayan Bag that cost a woping $122,000. The bag is super limited as all Hermes Bags are and as you can see super expensive. The whole bag is encrusted in diamonds and not just a few but hundreds of Diamonds, also including a 3 carate diamond on the lock. Besides the Diamond the whole bag is also covered in 30cm of themost expensive Croc skin. Anyone who knows anything about a Hermes bags would know you can't just walk into the store and buy it. Its a 5 year waiting list just to get a Hermes bag. For Beckhams bag the waiting list has been closed and those other two ladies who are on it have to wait four years just for the bag to be made. Lol y'all think Beyonce and Rihanna killing the game they ain't even touch the tip of the iceberg, Victoria Beckham runs this ish. And let's not even mention she owns over 100 Hermes bags estimated at about 2 million dollars and that's just Hermes Bags alone. Lol this is why the world hates her. I love her. You will def be seeing more of Mrs. Beckham on SWC.



Super Woman said...

Ughhh damn You Victoria.

If its not them Bomb ass shoes Its Those Fly Bags...

I can only hope i have the money to spend 122 G's On A Bag.

Eighty4 said...

it takes a beckham to have something iLL like this

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