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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Bornday Jr. aka!!!!

Rasaki Adewunmi Jr..yea i put your
governement out
Finally touched 17..yoooo Jr u came a long way from from back in the day playing "mario go-cart" on the Nintendo 64..are that time we was about to get jumped like back in 02' ass having talent shows at your crib..kola was a damn i seen u grow up fam and i know how it is nower days kids around your age wilding aka "swing dat sh*t generation" its gd and makes me proud to see u staying on the right track doing watchu gotta do, not following the crowd and just being yourself.Swagg is mean, i see u making moves with this track and field thing..that's wat it is stay focus and make my uncle proud u digs...But from Big bro to lil bro happy bornday..this time next yr i gotchu son we hitting Soho&Harlem and going crazie wit the debit card. "saki go hard thats babe brooo" to Go hard remix wit hov if u

peeped da feets..."supreme x vans mountain edition"..i aint even cop

a betta look at them... straight fever..yo jr wat size u


Eighty4 said...

gosh these are fly!

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