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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chicken shack Run

Blogging on the go. We here at SWC are constantly blogging @ school @ home @ work on the go. Whateva but anyway I'm at the chicken shack getting right. Shout out to my niggas a U.S. fried chicken in my hood for hookin the boy up as always. Random thoughs: damn I need those new Ato's Moo posted them shits is ight. More random thoughts: damn my Ato's look horrible. But anyway imma peep y'all to game. Here's a look at what I eat why cuz its good and I want y'all to be up everything not just clothes. So this right here is an Italian cheese Burger wit Mozzz cheese ketchup and fried onions on a round roll wit NO MAYO NIGGA. Lol wit 2 wings on the side and a Welshes grape and a Brisl to drink. Lol try that next time at your local chicken shack. u gone be like, "damn Neh go in fa real fa real this ish bangin" and when you try it comment and lemme no how it taste. Ight? Lol



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