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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Whos Badder????

so me and my cousins, sola,blorin and my brotha from another los were having this huge argument about who's badder Amerie or Kerry Washington..don't get me wrong Amaire is a dime and shes talented,but its something about that kerry...had a did wit her since save the last stalker...watcha think..???


classic daisy said...

kerry washington all the way !


i think... you ARE a stalker, Moo!!
JK JK!! :p

AMERIE. 1 million points.
have you SEEN those legs that stretch alllll the way to the South Pole!?

i will NEVER get tired of looking at her!

Eighty4 said...

Keri wins

Aso Clothing said...

Ha, I said so two for 1 so far. no wait make it three Mrs. Washy. Washington that is.

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