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Monday, January 12, 2009

Jordan 2009. 60+

Here's a look at a new sneaker the Jordan brand is releasing in 09 its called the 60+. The 60+ is much like the dubs, spiz ikes, and 6 rings. Its a sneaker consisting of parts from Jordans which Mike has made achievements. This one is made out of all the Jordans MJ has scored 60 or above in a game in. So they consist of the I's, II's, V's, and VII's. This one looks to be be the Laney color way but I could be wrong. But anyway these will release fall 09. Retail $150. Thank you and ur welcome snitches. Via NT

Oh and I gotta run down of everything releasing in 09 starting in Apr and May comming later this week can't give it all to you. AAAYYYY PAUSE!!!!!!! LOL



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