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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Minnie Mouse

Ight the first shoe and the last is actually from The Vivienne Westwood A Life of Fashion exhibition. If you know anything about Mrs. Westwood you'll know her work is amazing unlike any of her time defining a generation with her style even making clothes for the sex pistols in the height of their prime. I though the first shoe reminded me of the shoes that Minne mouse wore which than made my think about the great ELLE. Ok Elle if you reading this I'm sorry but I had to post it cuz as you have been doin for years you murdered it. The young New Yorkers def destroyd each and every outfit she puts on from the make to every accessory I mean she throws it on. So Elle I'm sorry but I had to do it beautiful. And for the record I like Elle's shoes betta. Lol



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