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Saturday, January 17, 2009

THE Biggie movie was awes0me!!!

Me yannah&tawn caught the flick up at union theater..and the movie was awesome theres not one bad thing i can say about the movie..shortie that played lil kim went see the movie 2 get that one..and yannah cryed at the end as if she didn't know biggie was going that played biggie in the movie also known as Gravy did his thing i may say seriously,played biggie to the T, even to the asthma sounding
Gravy B4 the Biggie movie fame..
i use 2 really be a fan of dude back
in hi school he goes in... homie is a thug peep da vid


LaLa said...

will peep next weekend since I work all damn weekend and monday. sigh. I'm hyped tho, yay biggie movie a whole week later haha. <3

Miss [ ^_- ] Bumi said...

what. i so didnt like the movie. somehow it wasnt realistic to me...guess im too much of a critic...glad you liked it tho :)

Idrissss said...

movie was tight yo. lil kim was ma fav actor lol. but i would prefer seeing a pac movie.... more ish happend in his life... all in all, i gave the movie an 7.5 outta 10.

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