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Friday, January 30, 2009

illmatic 0r reasonable doubt????


Reasonable Doubt

My homie L.eaddy asked me a very interesting and intriguing question not to long.."illmatic or reasonable doubt"..and i ask you guys the same..Who had the better first album...????take your time and think about it... those that know me know that I'm a huge fan of hip hop and just music itself, so i really had to take time and critic from track to track and i have come to the conclusion that nasty nas "illmatic" over reasonable doubt...jay-z fans get made at me if you that's my vote n I'm sticking with it.. i favor illmatic over reasonable for manyreason...production was siick we pete rock..large professor..q-tip..and about an all star cast of legends on the production side..and also the content in which nas was saying from who's world is love..NY state of mind.. someting in which everybody from a young boy..elderly.male,female could relate to...5 stars in my book..don't get me wrong hov is siick but when it comes to first albums illmatic takes the W...



Super Woman said...


As far as production I definitely agree. However, I can remember, recite, and listen to more of Hova's songs on reasonable doubt. I respect what you chose but im going with Hova.

OGM said...

Im goin NAS on that 1. Production was bananas! and lyrically he cant be contained! Wish todays HIP HOP got me inspired like that!!!


Cool Out Breed said...

I got to go with Nas on this one. It took me months to decipher the lyrics on Illmatic.

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