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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Hey ladies and Gents. I just wanna take sometime away from our regular postings and show my face. I also wanna say a few things, do some shout outs and what not. So for those of you that don't no me I'm Nehemiah aka NEH. I rep Streetwear Couture, OGM(Original Gear Monsters), and most importantly the Entire Streetwear and Fashion Culture. I just wanna thank you all for checking up with us on a day to day basis and showing us love, because it was all of you who have made our blog a big success. I want to thank all our female followers I see y'all we really appreciate the comments you leave. I'm going to start posting more for the ladies and if you'd give me feedback on what you'd like to see id def keep that and mind and keep you updated. On another note id just ask that you keep our blog successful and continue to tell people about us. Also if you have a blog, store, site, event and so on please let us know so we can help other as you have helped us. And now back to our regular Postings.

Oh yeah shout out to my store Self Service Nyc on 87 Broad st. Elizabeth , NJ. Bringing you Brands such as Crooks and Castles, Alife, 10 Deep, Mishka, Rocksmith, Tits, Brian Wood, Artist Proof, Nike, Nike sb, Jordan, Supra NS, Creative Recreation, G Shock, and so much more.



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