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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

08'= The yr of RIRI!!!

Talk about a makeover......
i remember when Rihanna just came out i wasn't feeling the whole reggae/r&b she doing so i straight ignored her..but then when she dropped that "umbrella" joint and got the short cut started hiding her shortie hit a complete 360..swaaaagga up..seriously..she gotta meaaaan swagg out of no where..and all of a sudden became a fashion idol over think on a fashion tip shes smashing on beyonce..riri goes that's my opinion, but b still got her when it comes to music though.that's how i see it
Bef0re(forehead swagg was crazy)

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Mendoza Santos said...

hmm.. yeah.. i guess.. but i miss the wholesome "if it's lovin' that you want, you should make me your girl" island princess..

i'd still bang that forehead;)

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