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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

9.28.09..Location:Fat Baby,nyc

The nite was suppose to be a chillout jam wit the homies jean&eaddy up @ FatBaby in nyc..i was def wrng about that though...teen wolf& dj school boy on the 1s&2s/Performancse by local artist/Ninja Sonik you know they was mosh homie Eaddy pulled me into it.. Jean staright played the background observing the London appears out of know where and performs...overall dope nite..only thing i payed for was my metro card,free event..(Sidebar)pics taken from the homie Dwayne Caprietta album..i straight copied save these joints..appreciations homie


Mr. (O-Pen-Yawn-8-ted) said...

Nice Color splash in the photos

"A dIfFrEnT sTaTe Of MiNd"

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