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Thursday, October 1, 2009


A look @ the Air Force Fusion 10s

Where do I begin. I HATE fusions (apologies for those who wear and have bought them). Not to take nothing away from JB (Jordan Brand) and or Nike who are, individually, respected highly in the sneaker, athletic fields that they so represent. But this Fusion Nonsense has to go. The essence of the Jordan has been taking away and fused with an Air Force 1. You will make a lot of sneaker heads *points @ himself* happy if u just keep it simple. I know Nike Owns a part of JB so this the way you can make money but You guys are real real creative entities. It shouldn't be easier than making a Jordan look like its taking a shit on an Air Force *I'm just saying* *shrugs*

PS this is not a SHOT per say just criticism. I will continue rocking my Jays and Dunks with pride! lol

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