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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Be you...
Be yourself...

Cudi def dropping gems in this vid...explaining how hip-hop is one of the most judgmental genres...success isn't based on ones talent anymore its more like what u have on or if your following the latest trend..compared to rock u could straight up have a plain tee..ripped jeans and if ur good ppl will accept you..just6 watch the vid he gets way more in depth.

Shouts out to Brandon Jones for this..KU fam


amber jene' said...

he has a point
or am i just siding with him because i claim him?
either way i enjoyed starting at him for 6 minutes.

Mr. (O-Pen-Yawn-8-ted) said...

Cool interview he was very passionate about what he was saying, that's needed in convo.

"A DiFfErEnT sTaTe Of MiNd"

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