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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Quick Question....

Is Cudi album really that dope...??

is he really a good rapper/singer..i ask myself this not in a hating manner but just trying to find the true logic to it the first time i heard cudis album i was excited so i really wasnt listening i was hyped&geeked up that the excitment made every single song sound like heaven..but then about a couple days ago im listening through it again and i just lost that feeling...idk why..So i asked around asking ppl what were they thoughts about it..majority said "Dope" "omg son its a classic" but the response that stood out to me the most and im not going to say his name b4 he gets jumped by a bunch hipster cudi but he said "Cudi cant rap or Sing just good production" i honestly think his album is well put together but just in my opinon its mood music..You have to be in a certain mood or mindset to enjoy it to its full potential some what like how 808s&Heartbreak is..this is just my personal opinon..Its a great piece of art but mos def not something in which i can personally bump on the daily excluding the intro "track 1. in my dreams" i wake up to that on a daily.. Dont get me wrong cudi is an awesome not trying to take anything way fromt hat but thats just how i feel at this point about this album..hey prob next month ill think differently..or itll prob grow on me..
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мiмi =) said...

thats how i felt, if you didnt have the same mindset that you had for 808s & heartbreak then you really couldnt get into kid cudi, now bid you, i have listened to the album a fair amount and i do have my favorite tracks on the album, but it truly is a mood music album. i like it, my fiance loves it, but like you said, good mood music, you have to be in that zone to hear it, to fully feel it and appreciate its orginiality. all in all rating 3.5 out of 5 stars

Anonymous said...

Check out :

you will enjoy it .

Bryan said...

A lot of people are into it, and I have some friends that are too. Personally, not a fan. Sure, some songs are catchy, but I mean the guy isn't "rapping" or barely even rhyming for that matter. His voice is alright, but as you were mentioning, heavily produced. You can make ANYTHING soung good in the studio. Granted it's original, but the hype is too much for what it's worth. However, I was surprised/stoked/bummed for the Ratatat cameo/samples he used; mad props on that.

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