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Tuesday, September 8, 2009!!!!

“Headless Giant Magazine Issue #1”

"The Headless Giant is a new online magazine created in 2009 that is dedicated to the “youthful, empirical assessment of pop culture and education of young people”. Here is what creator Johnathan Dixon had to say about the magazine. “Headless Giant Magazine was an idea that came to me this summer while I was teaching a public speaking & communications class for Stand & Deliver at Rutgers University. The media is such a powerful entity and it has jaded the perception of reality for our young people in an infectious way. As the semester ended I felt as though that young people could truly benefit from source that incorporated pop culture, with ancient scholastic and social ideologies as a learning tool

Check out the magazine here!!

Congrats to my homie J.dix on dropping headlessgiant mag on the web..proud of u fam..may u continue to bless us with ur awesome wrk..Check it out when ya get a chance ppl..

"And shoutouts to Andre M Jones Jr.. for being an inspritation also" - Dex


J.D. said...

thank you my brotha, most appreciated! Bless

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