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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Artist of the Week!!!!

Q&A with Casey VeggiesImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Never heard of the name..? well get use to hearing it..this young boy if definitely a force to be reckoned with. I say prob 2yrs back i peep homies myspace music pg..very talented so i download his mixtape Customized greatly vol 1..awesome..i was definetly bumping it on a daily in my ipod..and the crazy thing about it..dude was about 14-15 when it dropped. So I'm the type of individual if i see someone doing something dope/great i shall show respect where its due. So i reached out to the boy Casey on the wonderful twitter and appreciation for the response. (sidebar) its amazing at the power in which the internet dis dude is on the other side of the country and i was able to hear his stuff..idk thats really awesome to travels miles..random i anywaaays i thought itll be gd to do a lil Q&A so you guys could get to know more aboutCali native
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Casey Veggies


Inglewood, CA

Rap/Hip-Hop/ Customized Greatly Music

How long have u been rapping/writing for...
2 in a half years, but it's been in my mind since I was a little kid

Top 5 artist doesnt have to b all rappers...
Kanye West, Nas, Biggie, Jay-Z, Maxwell

How do u feel about the state of hiphop is now...
the state of it is growing. everyone just has to be patient and things will be back up to par. I wish it like the old days. But I feel the new talent can make it what it use to be.

I'm inspired by everyday life and real life situations.. I'm also inspired by old school hip hop.. the People who originated the craft

J dilla beat or Mf Doom beat....
J Dilla

Define ur style...
I feel I'm more neutral than anything.. theres no category for me. I can definitely switch it up. I have a lot in store.. My style is just finally something different.

Up in coming projects..

My 2nd tape 'Customized Greatly V.2' should be out within the weeks. A Video for a joint off the tape entitled "It's All Good" and Just a heavy grind. Definitely working on the next project after the tape drops But that's private information, haha
(Customized Greatly Vol.2.take a listen matter fact download it)

"Its all Good" off Customized vol2


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