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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Random post,who cares: Shouts out 2!!!!!!

Busi Badass&Annette 2dopest naija chicks i kno..(i c u dayo&sisi..ya dope as im looking through facebook pics and peep every SwC that was thrown this summer from Cookout at Syndicated(june) 1st Heart Gallery(july) to the 2nd Heart Gallery(august) they came out and showed love...hella supportive of the SwC movement and they both blessed me with a "U know my Steez" waiting on a part 2 holla at appreciations to my naija sistas from another..
o yes they get fly i may


explained by Byron Parker said...

F.A.D.E.D. fux with this site...nice work on here.

Stay F.A.D.E.D.

...return the follow favor plz.

shakari x Trak Girl said...

the blog is dope !! ahhh ! Thanks for finding me =]

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