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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Chris Brown has been charged with two felonies stemming from what
a police detective describes as a brutal argument between the singer and his
girlfriend, Rihanna, provoked by her discovery of a 3 page text message from another woman.

According to a detective's affidavit (sworn statement), Brown and Rihanna got into a fight early Feb. 8 after the singer checked her boyfriend's cell phone and found a text message from another woman.

Brown pulled his car over and tried to push Rihanna out, but she was still wearing her seatbelt, police Detective De Shon Andrews wrote. He said Brown pushed Rihanna's head against the window, punched her with his right hand, and then continued driving while hitting her, the affidavit states. He also bit his girlfriend on the ear, the affidavit states.

Damn... its crazy how being young, famous, and having $ can make a person think he could beat down on a female and jus believe he could get away wit it. SHIT NOT COOL, LET ME NO HOW U FEEL BOUT IT.



Super Woman said...

Ummm....The same way. She provoked it in what manner? They dont even say what she did.....

Chris Brown always seemed like a punk but nowwww its been confirmed.

Punching and driving?

SMH Weird ass Hollywood People.

ZPRM said...

Fuck the both of them.

Anonymous said...

breezy shouldn't have been txtn them skeezy's

Anonymous said...

Chris Breezy has a problem...
i thnk this situation he's going thru is better for him because it seems like all this lime light fame and money wasnt enough for him...

I guess he jus weanted to make a front page in the tabloids even though its gonna cost him hella endorsements and a huge lose of many fans

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