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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Look what i found under my bed!!

Space Jams 11's
maaan talk about beatup..i use to play soccer/kickball in will never forget when me and momdukes went up to woodbridge mall my 7th grade year at 7am jus so i could have these,even though i wanted the white&black joints..damn i was

This what they looked like when i copped about 8yrs ago..Releasing this yr..mos def coppin once again


selfish ambitions said...

lol crazy old... had em a long time ago but it's still dope

ZPRM said...

That's when sneakers were the shit. Before the blogs, the frequent camping, the tier 0 shit. You could go to your local Footlocker and pick up a clean sneaker. I'm still mad I threw my navy/white 6s away.

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