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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dappa Tati&Khy Money!!!!

For this weeks YOU KNOW MY STEEZ we have two go getta's from Brooklyn that really give a new meaning to going hard. The twins who some of you know them as are two of the flyest girls out of New York not only can they dress there AShes off but they out there getting that paper. I have followed Tati and Khy since their early days at BAPE, and from what I have seen they always had retarted swag and did it with class. I don't have to say to much about them the pictures tell it all. I love the way they mix and match it together stepping out in the best of brands and the most limited items. So for all the SWC followers take notes I present to you Khy mOney and Dappa Tati.

Name/ occupation/ location?
T:Tati (Juss Dappa)/Student/BK
K: Khy mOney The BoSsingTOn AKA Fr3$h Khy From Brooklyn

Describe your style give me a little incite on you style for those who don’t know you?
T: Dappa--I'm ME!
K: Swag is key... With swag youu can pull off almOst anything. SO my style is simple... My outfit usually depends on my mood and where I'm going.. but A TaPpered Leg Jean tO shOw off my foOtwear.. Louis Vuitton Belt.. simple tee shirt or vneck is always a GO for me.. and maybe a rag or shades as an accessory when I fEel like StePpin out LOL

What inspires your style?

T: individuality
K: I guess I can say the Media or TV.. fashion icOns.. DO's and Dont's

What separates your style from the other women around you or just women in general or does anything separate your style?
T: I dress however I feel comfortable not how I'm "suppose to"
K: Of course My style is different frOm the average female becuz I wear whats comfOrtable.. But wear it wit Class, Confidence, and Swag.. which usually is the reasOn I stand out in a crOwd

Who are some of the people you consider fashion icons?
T: KanYe West, Jay-Z, Pharrell, Curtains, Vashtie, Kelis
K: Kanye West, Pharrell Williams... Can yOu say Rihanna and Fabolous???

Fav brands or designers?
T: Bape/BBC (mainly season 1 & 2, before it became so easy to access), Ralph Lauren, WESC, Nudies, Y-3, Gucci,
LV (they have the best accessories), Supreme, G-Star

K: Louis Vuitton, Nudie Denim, G Star

What stores do you shop in the most or enjoy shopping in?
T: It varies
K: Louis Vuitton, G Star, Flying A

What got you into fashion can you remember how it started?

T: "It's in my ancestry"-HOV voice- LOL, I just been on it since young

K: I have always been into music and been arOund a lOt of artist sO i guess when I was yOunger I would kind of sit back and admire the scenes and there it goes I eventually developed my own style.

What are some trends or things you dislike?
T: I don't really like trends, I rather stand out than to fit in.

K: I HATE replicas, motorcycle jackets, and Baggy jeans
Whats are some fashion mags and sites you follow?

K: Details and GQ Magazine

Being that style changes and your style has changed over the years what do u think will be next for you style wise?
T: My style always varies, I try not to "keep up with the jones'es" but to always rocc what I like.
K: Only time can tell...

What are some projects or things your doing with you life right now thats u wish to share?
T: Tryna make a mil outta 15 grand...LOL (seriously though)

- neh


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