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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The New Jawn vs. The Ex

So as we all kno by now ye got him a lil new shortie Ms.Amber rose very sexy fierce and stylish but then i thought about Kanyes ex Alexis Phifer and thought to myself who was da dopest of the 2...Amber r Alexis..In all honesty ima have to go with Alexis on this one..shortie is hella sexy and could come out the house wit a fubu jersey n paco jeans and still get maad looks she more effortless fly..dont get me wrong the buzz cut amber got it to..her sense of style is siiick..but its something about Ms.Phifer im drawn to more..what ya think???
The ex

The new jawn


M.v said...

"fubu jersey n paco jeans" lmao u aint right!
You have a point Alexis is effortlessly flyy..but Ms Amber Rose is "sexy fierce"..maybe if I seen her on an off day I might change my opinion

OGM said...

Im not wit u on that 1 my nigga!!! LOL Amber goes extra hard! She could come out in some bullshit and still get it 2, and her swag compliments Ye betta! Dont even care if she use 2 strip! That was a good move!!!

Anonymous said...

amber got da good bobble

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