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Friday, March 13, 2009


So i sign on facebk and my homie Jason over at Rutgers send this link to my pg, and on top of the link it says "My dreams have been shattered" i click the link it happen to be kanye's louis vuitton shoe line finally showing the prices..Maaaaaaaan i had to double want a 1000plus..damn..thats that hollywood jokes aside one pair of the lv kicks is like 1/4 of kean university kid you not..ima a huge fan mr.west buh ima just stay in my lane, like 2 of my checks could barely get me the all reds for 800plus...ima college student gimme a look on the bright side we always got the air yezzy..hoping he dont want have a g for
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gd looks j
On the music here 88keys&kanye on set of 88's next single Viagra from the looks of it this shallb hilarious , mos def anticipating on the vid


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