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Saturday, March 28, 2009

A FaN-Base Thing!!!!!

YOOOO much luv to swc fam FAN-BASE CLOTHING..from Tameek,Jahad, Jahmod,Keith..the whole crew..young high school cats making moves. I look at them as inspiration, seriously..its beyond dope to see young individuals, eager, and determined on doing things especially when its something positive, cant do nothing but supportive and show love..well thats my personally were fortunatly able to bless the kid with sum d0pe fits, FAN BASE tshirt, A FAN BASE THING crewneck.(displayed below).Appreciations fam..tee is illa, crewneck even d0per..i rocked it yesterday to class wit sum cargos n for those not familar with my fanbase crew please get familair cause you be hearing alot form them in 09' and beyond..check there myspace page out


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