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Monday, October 5, 2009


As Told on MTV:

1. Jay-Z

2. Lil Wayne

3. Drake Soars

4. Kanye West

5. Rick Ross

6. Gucci Mane

7. Jeezy

8. Fabolous

9. 50 Cent


Tell Us What U think... Order, Who should be there, who shouldn't be there! Let's talk about it!


Ryan said...

honestly MTV is a joke and always has been when it comes to speaking about mention raekwon in the same sentence as gucci is disrespectful to raekwon in so many ways....but i think that top ten in the game right now to me is......not in order but.....jay-z, lil wayne, kanye, 50, jadakiss, fab, lupe fiasco, luda (theater of the mind was a dope album), busta rhymes (one of the most consistent and underrated rappers of all-time in my eyes) and its a toss up between drake and juelz santana for the 10 spot(in my opinion)

мiмi =) said...

uggh. not this again. lls. well my fiance will be glad to see jay trumped lil wayne, [boo!] but as much as i love drake, and i mean I LOVE ME SOME DRAKE, i really dont feel he is the one of the hottest mc's to be mentioned in the top 5, especially above raekwon. i would have like to see him higher on the list, as far as gucci, umm fail. jeezy i believe deserved his spot on the list, but what about t.i? i mean papertrail was cleary a good album, what about the orginial og's, i mean was dre, not a good artist? to me, mtv is just a big ass popularity contest, more like a high school for music, depending if you had a hit, or some sort of controversy is how they compile their list. i mean jay z- just released a highly anticipated album, lil waybe has and will be a rapper w. a force to be reckoned w. especially w. his faithful supporters. drake- just came out and comin out hard, next year, he wont even be close to his spot now, hell he might be in the top 15, no bs. kanye is a good artist, but how is it drake got put a head of him, i mean kanye been causing mad drama more recently w. his taylor swift-gate & killing the fame kills. tour, but really? smh mtv's thinkin, lets put rick ross [who i also love] ahead of 50 so they can still beef, as well as gucci [who i dont even know how the fuck he got in the top 10, guess wasted was truly a hit for even the tight jeans wearing white boys, i guess] above jeezy, who i feel doesnt get enough credit. fabolous, is straight, but i wont lie, i dont think top 10 material, his reason on the list, loso's way, duh. then just not to upset the masses, lets just add a random, though legendary rapper, raekwon, like really mtv? i mean damn. but i cant get mad, its mtv, what can you really expect them to know about hip hop, unless they have a resident hip hop guru, which if that is the case, really needs to join the hundreds of thousands of people who are unemployed. smh. in other words, i feel this list is ok, but has some major..FAILS

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