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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Im good like God with a extra o"

impossible = all things are possible (luke, 18;27)
i’m too tired = i will give you rest (matt, 11:28-30)
nobody really loves me = i love you (john, 3:16)
i can’t go on = my grace is sufficient (ii cor, 12:19)
i can’t figure things out = i will direct your steps (prov, 20:24)
i can’t do it = you can do all things (phil, 4:13)
i’m not able = i am able (ii cor, 9:8)
it’s not worth it = it will be worth it (rom, 8:1)
i can’t forgive myself = i forgive you (ijn, 1:9 & rom, 8:1)
i can’t manage = i will supply all your needs (phil, 4:19)
i’m afraid = i have not given you a spirit of fear (iitim, 1:7)
i’m always worried and frustrated = cast all your cares on me(ipet, 5:7)
i don’t have enough faith = i’ve given everyone a measure of faith (rom, 12:8)
i’m not smart enough = i give you wisdom (icor, 1:30)
i feel all alone = i will never leave you or forsake you (heb, 13:5)
(via) check it out fresh blog(gd looks Saif)

I notice how ppl within my age range tend to run away from the topic of God or like ignore i wouldn't be surprise if they dont read this dnt knwo why..anyways....No matter how bad or how great situations get in live my family always told me keeping a relationship with God is 1 of the mos important things you could do..the older i get the more i realize how true this is..its beyond easy to get lost within this just try and keep common ground/relationship with the big homie...triiiiiiiiiiillz (kirk franklin flo)


Anonymous said...

wow that is cool. Yeah I guess ignoring it temporarily is a way of getting away with things we know we shouldn't be doing, which leads to annoyance when people remind you. I guess it can be a form of denial.

Anonymous said...

love how u keeps it treal..
knowing & denying may be worse than ignorance..


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