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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Life and times.......

"They like moo u tryna be a rapper brah/i be like chill son im just tryna get my bachelors"

So my sis showed my mother some of my youtube clips and also , its just maaad weird having my moms view or hear my she asked me "So u wana be a rapper?" i replied "nah im just tryna innovate"..she starts smiling...idk yo...lik to me the title of rapper is so typically, and people preceive you to be a certain person your not . It limits u and puts a title on you, rap is one aspect of my life in which i truly enjoy doing but that doesnt define me ass a person. I may sound really cliche and corny but i wana do so much from rap,produce,help out community,start foundations,own businesses..and i promise you i will do this..i guess the moral of this is do what u wana do be wat u wana be dont allow anyone to limit you from acheiving what you want,hey im still learning on a daily basis just thought i'll share...



MalibuMara said...

wheres my pin? lol
and thats pretty cool.

Shannon said...

I heart the pic of you
on stage; it says so much
even though nothin is really
bein "said"..=]
keep doin wat you do

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