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Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Charles Hamilton"(charles hamilton voice)

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So its about 2:30 in the morning and im on imeem listening to Charles Hamilton Mixtape the L word majority of the tracks onit are produced by himself..this dude was very truly sucks what happen to this his career . just a regular dude who loved music..then he got punched by chick on camera..straight went down hill from there...i was a big fan of his music(no groupie)and he was just a real dude ,maad blunt, and just was himself really defending himself of why wore pink saying its the same color as a females wound and other creepy his obsessing with kinda creeped me out but i respected dude for standing fore what he belived in...hopefully dude uh come back out..its crazy how you can feel like your on top of the world XXL cover videos on Mtv jams(brooklyn girl)..having crazie buzz without a amount but then being dropped in from your label..damn Sh*t is real...hope all is well with dude..on another note when you guys get the chance listen to homies mixtape.thought i should share it with you guys..pretty groovy fav tracks number 1&8


Mary Gold said...

Yeah this mixtape is kinda sweet!
And it's a shame he got dropped, I was actually diggin it!

Ur blog is good... including "Stay" song. Aint heard that in a minute. Kudos!

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