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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

SwC 1yr Anniversary!!!!

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If you missed the first heart Gallery last month im sure you heard about it..mos definetly was a success, appreciations to all who came out to support. Outcome was so dope we decided to hit ya off with another installment which will take place on the 30th of this month. This night along with the performances and fun Streetwear couture shall be hosting a after party celebrating there 1yr anniversary which will take place from 10-2 which is after the Heart gallery festivities...
So cool out watch performances from after from 10-2..NIIIIIIIICE

So if you this is mos def the place for you to be..tell family friends..aunties..uncle..granny..everybooody to comeout on the last sunday of the month and support the 2nd installment of Heart Gallery..promise you shall not be disappointed..o yea..$5 is the fee at the door..not to shabby at all..


S.W. said...

Wish I Could make it. Happy Birthday SWC!

S.W. said...

I just turned 1 years old to BTW

An Aramatic Ambiance said...

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