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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Talk about Drizzy..smh!!!!

the failure occurs at 36secs

You know wats messed up y is DRAKE wearin that hot as swearter
and y Lil Wayne still rappin after drake fell, nigga didnt even go 2 see if he was ok!!!!


Bre said...

omg, this is crazy, i hope drake's okayy! smh at wayne though...he's supposed to be on your team? or at least your boy? it's ok to have a heart, wayne.

Rudmyer Romelus said...

Wow, u could drake was he was in Mad pain when he hit the ground with his hand. Weezy just mad a Joke and for some reason the Crowd was just loving him

Anonymous said...

this is jokes man de commetry by sam made it 4 me. n wats wayne on about 'r de ladies gonna be his nurse' oh gosh. n dem heaft ass timberland no wonder he fell

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