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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer oh 9....

Random thoughts...
(freewriting..miight see a typo here and there..hey sue me)
This would have to be one of the best summers since 06...i had my highest highs..and lowest lows..learned so much about other people and myself as well..overall ill say if grown defiantly mentally..i went through alot the beginning but as time went on..God mos def smoothing the path for me..This summer i finally started believing in myself and thoughts..i stopped second guessing myself and just did what i felt was dope..with the help of the squad..from the SwC cookout..SwC&MwG Heart gallery making music..helping my young boys get they tees in official boutiques..there so much mor ethats in the wrks..networking and meeting ppl that i thought i wouldnt ever meet..and the crazy thing about it..this had to be my brokest barely gave me hours..and i soo hate asking madukes for money so i just made due...happiest but brokest summer it was mos main lesson i learned is that no matter whats the case you can always turn your ideas to reality.( i kno it sounds hella cheesy..but very tru as well)umm sooo basically were now in the mid of August and just grinding out on alot b4 school start back up...sooooo lets all make the best of these days
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