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Monday, August 24, 2009


Me and my bro Wellz took this flick earlier this month for the site after Pop Burger party my homie Arnold is the reason for it.Photo skills are pretty up to par and creative..He makes 1 pic feel like a a short clip..i love dude photo style(no pause needed)..
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If u peep my feets in the pic above im sporting a pair of Sebago Boatshoes...def a comfy gd look..especially for me at this point of my life i prob wouldn't want a pair of shoes in which cost a solid 300 in which every dude would be sporting in the club(pradas) im not knocking it at all but thats just not me.. soooo in result of that boat shoes mos def hold me down and they are def way more affordable..range from $60-$100 not to shabby..and the have a varieties of colorways peep pic below..
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